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Has your CPAP been recalled? We have a safe and effective therapy alternative.


JC Goodwin DMD Oro Valley, AZ

Dr. JC Goodwin, founder and Dental Sleep Medicine expert, has a solution that can help you get a restful nights' sleep!

JC Goodwin, DMD, DACSDD, DABDSM, was in private dental practice in Prescott, AZ from 1987 to 2011. His professional philosophy has always included an aggressive policy of learning, sharing and continued development. He created a professional study club in Prescott aligned with the Richard Tucker study group, mentored by Dr. James Sickler, and participated for twelve years. He has trained with the Schuster Center for Professional Development, with Dr. David Baird studying advanced dental ceramic placement, and with Dr. Steven Olmos who teaches treatment techniques for facial pain, chronic headache, and TMJ disorders.

To lead a healthy and peaceful life, a sound, quality, and quantity of sleep are much needed. In the morning if you wake up with some discomfort, then your sleep is not fulfilled or you failed to have good quality sleep. Poor sleep leads to much intruptions throughout the day and at times you will lose interest in all your daily duties. Insufficient sleep leads to having headaches, some sort of irritations, lack of concentration on daily work , daytime drowsiness, and also there are chances of automobile accidents which may risk your life. If this is a regular occurence then it needs to be treated at the earliest. Our sleep specialist Dr. Goodwin in Oro Valley, AZ offers the best treatments for sleep problems.

It is highly recommended to get the sleep treatment at the earliest to save your self from the dangers and for your well being. The treatment helps you to have a good quality of sleep which in turn gives a pleasure of happiness and stress-free life. There are many options available to treat your sleep problems. In few cases, it can be solved by proper medications and if the severity of the problem is too bad, then it needs to be treated by other alternative treatments.

If you are facing any such sleep-related problem or if not having a sound and quality of sleep, then make an appointment with Dr. J.C. Goodwin at Sleep Matters in Oro Valley, AZ a suburb of Tucson, AZ or call us at (520)-848-3889.

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Apnea Management, THE EASY WAY! Oral Device alternative to CPAP Covered by most MEDICAL INSURANCE and MEDICARE
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