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The Connection Between TMJ and Sleep Apnea

Connection of TMJ and Sleep Apnea | Sleep Therapy Tucson

Did you know that eating unhealthy foods can be harmful to your skin? This shows us that there are several parts in our body that have a strong influence on each other.

A Strong Connection Between TMJ and Sleep Apnea:

Likewise, there exists a connection between sleep apnea and TMJ (Jaw Joint) Disorder. Both of these always go hand-in-hand. Even though they are viewed separately there are certain factors that can affect both jointly. If you are living in or around the regions of Tucson and Oro Valley, Arizona visit Sleep Matters – J.C. Goodwin, DMD if you face any issues with regard to Sleep Apnea or TMJ Disorders. At Sleep Matters you can opt for TMJ Sleep Therapy in Tucson and Oro Valley.

What Differentiates Sleep Apnea From TMJ Sleep Therapy in Tucson and Oro Valley?

Sleep Apnea is usually caused as a result of obstruction in breathing airways. It refers to a situation where the individual has to breathe numerous times to bring back a regular breathing pattern. On the other hand, TMJ Disorder is known as temporomandibular disorder. It is more commonly known either as TMJ or TMD. It is a problem that usually occurs due to jaw pain, ear pain, migraines and headaches. All these issues contribute to the TMJ or TMD Disorder.

Both these conditions together or alone can contribute to several complications like cardiac diseases, digestive issues, high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, deprivation of sleep or even at times, if left untreated, can cause potential death.

TMJ and Sleep Apnea: What's the Interconnection?

Though both of these conditions can be treated separately, several dentists suggest that both these issues can be connected to one another. Dr. JC Goddwin at Sleep Matters says that small overgrowth of the lower part of the jaw can affect the positioning of the teeth. This leads to a situation where the teeth move backwards and thereby restrict airways.

When these issues arise for children, the consequences are usually more harmful and lead to several other problems like damage to mental health, ADHD, reduced breathing capacity and so on.

TMJ Sleep Therapy Tucson and Oro Valley:

Once you undergo initial screening at Sleep Matters Dr. JC Goodwin will initiate TMJ Sleep Therapy. You will be provided with an appliance that will help in repositioning your jaw. This will also help you attain peaceful sleep and will improve your overall health.

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