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Dental Sleep Medicine: A Reliable Cure For Apnea!

Dental Sleep Medicine: A Reliable Cure For Apnea!

Do you choke while sleeping? Or is your partner complaining of loud snoring while you sleep? Well, you may be at risk of apnea. Sleep apnea or apnea is a sleep disorder that usually occurs due to interrupted breathing while sleeping.

Sleep Apnea can be classified into two.

Central Sleep Apnea happens due to an unsteady respiratory control system. And it results in the brain failing to direct various muscles to breathe. However, this phenomenon is quite rare.

OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnea: OSA is a more common type of apnea that occurs due to the blockage of the airway passage. It happens when the soft tissue found behind the throat collapses while you sleep.

If apnea is left untreated at an early stage, the person may stop breathing during sleep repeatedly. Because the brain and other important parts are starved of sufficient oxygen.

However, there is an effective cure for sleep apnea known as Dental Sleep Medicine. Dental sleep medicine involves the management of breathing disorders ranging from obstructive sleep apnea to snoring.

Signs of sleep apnea

Most of the minor health problems become major because of ignorance. Enlighten yourselves and visit a qualified dental professional for diagnosis.

You're at the risk of apnea if you: -

  • Are overweight
  • Have a large neck size of more than 16 inches in females and 17 inches in males
  • Have swollen tonsils or a small jaw bone
  • Have a hereditary problem
  • Have congestion in the nasal passage due to some infection

If you notice or observe any of the above signs, even mild ones, you must consider an expert in sleep Medicine in Tucson.

What is the cure for apnea?

Don't worry, because apnea is curable. And dental sleep medicine is the best answer. The dental sleep medicine specialist in Tucson can help treat sleep-related breathing disorders using: -

  • Upper Airway Surgery
  • Oral Appliance Surgery

The most common method is the oral appliance surgery. A dental medicine specialist in Tucson will help you install a custom-made oral appliance that will help you cure obstructive sleep apnea.

The blockage of the airways is what causes the problem. Such inventions are very effective against the same.

There are two kinds of oral appliances: -

Tongue retaining devices: The sole purpose of this device is to reposition your tongue. It's preferred to those who have a large tongue obstructing the air passage.

Mandibular Repositioning Device: It's the most commonly used device that helps reposition your lower jaw. Repositioning helps keep the air passage wide enough for air to let through while you sleep

What should you do in case of sleep apnea in Tucson?

Step One: Look for an expert dentist who specializes in sleep medicine. The expert will help you diagnose the problem and will devise an appropriate treatment. The treatment can be costly without sleep apnea insurance in Tucson.

So, make sure you apply for insurance if you're diagnosed with sleep apnea and want an affordable treatment for the same.

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