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Sleep Aids To Regain Peaceful Sleep At Night

Sleep Aids To Regain Peaceful Sleep At Night

Struggling to sleep and missing a whole night sleep can impact the entire well-being and health of a person. Sleep apnea, in which the breathing repeatedly stops and starts, is a very common problem today. The best solution is to approach a dental sleep medical expert. Dr. JC Goodwin who established Sleep matters, provides sleep medicines for Tucson and Oro valley.

How can a dental sleep medical expert help?

Signs of stress:

Your mouth, jaw and neck can reveal the quality of sleep you are getting. For example, teeth that have lost enamel can display telltale signs of stress and anxiety, thus leading to grinding of the teeth. Another example would be the shape of your jaw indicating sleep apnea.

Sleep assessment:

Some of the common questions asked during a sleep assessment are, do you wake up to dry mouths and sore throats? Do you zone out during the day be it at work or school? Do you experience insomnia? The answers to these questions will give them clarity about your problem, and they will likewise suggest sleep aids.

Sleep aids:

Sleep experts are trained to efficiently manage sleep apnea.

  • They provide a mandibular advancement device which is an oral appliance that is very similar to a mouth guard used in sports. This device helps by opening the airways while you sleep.
  • Sleep Medicine experts also provide diet and lifestyle changes like eating low-fat food and reduction in screen time before sleep so that they get a proper restful night.
  • Sleep medicine experts provide CPAP machines - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure as a solution for sleep apnea.
    • But, some suffering from sleep apnea cannot tolerate CPAP machines as they have low compliance and adherence rates. For them alternative sleep apnea treatment options are provided.
    • Some patients with mild moderate OSA and severe OSA also cannot tolerate CPAP, so they are advised other treatment options.
  • Another sleeping aid is OAT - Oral Appliance Therapy.
    • This method involves a selection, a customized design, fitting and follow up adjustments of the appliance.
    • The appliances are portable and do not require any kind of power source.
  • Dental sleep medicine experts can recommend nasal surgery if the patient suffers from lower jaw, enlarged tonsils, or a nasal septum which is deviated.

Visit Sleep matters:

Dr. JC Goodwin, a well known dental sleep medicine expert with pioneering methods in sleep aids can be of great help in providing Sleep medicine in Tucson and Oro Valley. They will help you regain your lost sleep! Consult Sleep matters today to put sleep apnea to rest.

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