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The Best Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options in Tucson and Oro Valley

A good sleep enables vital rest for the body and the brain at night. But is your sleep getting interrupted due to non-stop snoring, choking for air and repeated visits to the bathroom? Do you feel sleep deprived and fatigued the next day? If you are nodding in assent, then you are showing signs of sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea And Its Types:

Sleep apnea is a disorder caused by continuous interruptions in breathing all through the sleep cycle. These interruptions are caused when soft tissues in the airway collapses blocking oxygen from reaching the lungs. Three classification of sleep apnea are Obstructive, Central and Common sleep apnea syndrome.

CPAP machines: The only solution?

Sleep apnea can't be cured. It can be managed effectively in many ways. But Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines are touted as the only solution. Sleep apnea masks for Tucson and Oro Valley especially come in many styles and configurations. Many people avoid these due to inconvenience and claustrophobia.

Alternative techniques:

Fortunately, there are many other options to manage sleep apnea. Dr. JC Goodwin and his team of experts at Sleep matters have been demystifying sleep apnea since 2009. Sleep matters has been providing sleep apnea therapy for those who are reluctant to use CPAP machines in Tucson and Oro valley from 2016 as well. Alternative sleep apnea management techniques devised by Dr. JC Goodwin are discussed below:

Oral appliance therapy:

A custom oral airway dilator is part of this therapy. The oral airway dilator fits over your teeth. This simple device enables a slight movement of the lower jaw forward. It applies moderate pressure on the tongue which stops it from falling back.

Behavioral therapy:

The solution for mild obstructive sleep apnea with snoring involves some lifestyle changes. Weight loss, quitting smoking, alcohol, drugs are all part of behavioral therapy. All these measures can see a gradual reduction in snoring.

Positional therapy:

Positional therapy incorporates a minor but subtle change. It involves sleeping on one’s side. One should abstain from sleeping on one’s back. The person’s neck weight won’t collapse on the airway as a result. This shift is effective for some.

Surgical procedures:

The procedure may contain surgeries ranging from minimally invasive to the more complex ones. At times, it involves the removal of excess tissue in the nasal passages, throat, uvula, tonsils and bits of the soft palate.

An edge over CPAP:

Oral appliances are compact, travel-friendly, comfortable to wear and ideal for claustrophobic individuals.

Visit Sleep matters:

If you are in Tucson or Oro Valley and have doubts about sleep apnea, dial or visit Sleep matters established by J.C. Goodwin, DMD to clear all your doubts.

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