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Seven Hidden Dangers Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea: The 7 Hidden Dangers | Tucson and Oro Valley

You might already be aware of the primacy of daily exercise and a fine diet, but do you know the significance of sleep for good cardiovascular health?

Sleep Apnea: What Is It?

Today, sleep apnea has become a common condition among many individuals. It usually occurs when you have recurrent stops in breathing while you sleep. Dr. JC Goodwin at Sleep Matters says that men are more affected than women by sleep apnea. He adds "if left untreated sleep apnea can increase heart diseases, diabetes and other dangers to your health in the long-term".

If you want to hand-pick a sleep disorder dentist in Tucson and Oro Valley, visit Sleep Matters.

These Are Seven Dangers And Risks That Are Associated With Sleep Apnea:

  1. Heart disease:

    It goes without saying that people with sleep apnea have a higher risk of heart diseases. Studies in the US have revealed that one of the major reasons for the cause of death of individuals suffering from apnea has been heart diseases.

  2. Increased blood pressure:

    Sleep apnea can lead to a state of 'hypertension'. The higher the intensity of apnea the higher is the blood pressure. It leads to exhilaration in blood levels thereby, increasing blood pressure.

  3. Diabetes:

    Sleep apnea has become a common condition amongst people with Type 2 diabetes. Since sleep apnea detriments the levels of glucose and insulin, your body automatically fails to use insulin efficiently thereby, contributing to diabetes.

  4. Obesity:

    One of the most important factors that contribute to sleep apnea is being overweight. Sleep apnea along with higher weight can lead to disruption in appetite and metabolism levels. When you seek treatment for sleep apnea at Sleep Matters, you'll also lose weight and become more healthy.

  5. Stroke:

    Sleep apnea multiplies the probability of stroke. It can also result in the formation of blood clots in the arteries or even lead to broken blood vessels.

  6. Brain damage:

    Evidence has proved that sleep apnea causes brain damage and affects brain structures. It also leads to fluctuations in blood pressure, mood and memory levels.

  7. Depression:

    People with even mild sleep apnea have higher chances of depression. Even though depression is quite common amongst individuals, sleep apnea intensifies depression levels. The severity of sleep apnea is directly proportional to the risk of depression in an individual.


If you live in or around the neighborhood of Tucson and Oro Valley, Arizona you can get expert care from sleep disorder dentist Dr. JC Goodwin at Sleep Matters. Swing in by for a visit or schedule your appointment today.

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